would y’all be down to signal boost a zine i wrote? 
I am ASIAN, FEMALE, HELLA GAY, VEGAN, STRAIGHTEDGE, and PC. so it’s a compilation of things written from that perspective.
"Disclaimer: In this zine, there is a lack of solution offering, and at the same time a lot of rambling, because it is cathartic for me. Don’t assume that my aim is to educate ignorant fucks. It is not my job to be chewed up and spit out so that they can fucking evolve. 
Always for the greater gay,

Hand-designed cover
Introduction note
And Ode to Chinkophiles: Yellow Fever
I Have Discovered the Words with Which to Express my Visceral Resentment of White Cockiness - where I bitterly examine my inferiority complex
Not Gay as in Happy, Nor Animal as in Cute, But Oppressed as in Fuck You - which i wrote for another zine whose theme was supposed to sit at the intersection of queerness and animal liberation if it was ever finished
Proving Myself: as an Asian and as a Female - where I discuss, shortly, my relentless need to prove to everyone that I can be “better” than my stereotype.
A Documentation of Vocalized, 21st Century Sexual Bigotry - where i list a a few months worth of sexist, patronizing remarks
A Documentation of Vocalized, 21st Century Racial Bigotry - where i list some racist remarks I’ve gotten throughout my life
Your Masculinity is Under Attack: In response to the new onslaught of ad campaigns that perpetuate sexism under the guise of “making fun of sexism through exaggeration” - an obnoxiously satirical piece
E.S.L. - about my being a 1st generation American in my family and not understanding American “manners”
A/S/L? 14/M/CA - a short essay about how i used to create online avatars to live out my dreams and escape my identity
How Easy It Must Be For You: Rambles McGee on privilege, “allies”, and bitterness