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Petition for SEA Professor Tenure - UC DAVIS

One of your own is in need of your help! Help @thisasthmaticheart out! Read this message I got from her:

"hi, i am a follower of your site. I was wondering if you could signal boost this petition that is circulating right now. it is in regards to one of our professors at ucdavis that has not been granted tenure. she is a part of the asian american studies dept. and is the ONLY SEA woman professor in the dept. In academia, the denial of tenure means that the professor must leave their job and is subsequently blacklisted by other universities. This process particularly drives women of color professors out of academia altogether.

It would mean a lot if you could circulate this petition to your followers. Thanks so much!”


— thisasthmaticheart
— 1 year ago with 17 notes
#petitions  #progress  #SEA  #asian  #ucdavis 
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