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This is a photo blog that is dedicated to posting asian hotties! Why? Cos there ain't enough love of the Queer Asian Woman*!
We also post bits and pieces about queer and race stuff for interest, but these are not exclusive to 'asian dykeness'.

*and gender variant people

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this page brings out the feminist in me. →

The link is to Fuck Yeah Vietnamese Cuties. I know that it’s just one of many but it’s an example of that same perpetuating idea that to be ‘cute’ or ‘hot’ female-ish person you need to be skinny, petite even, long haired, young, fashionable and feminine. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some fine ass honeys that are everything but those things!

I’ve even tried posting a picture of myself on the page to gauge what kind of reaction I’d get, of which I could not find posted anywhere when I looked a week or so later.

One word, RAGE.

I’m glad FYAD has it’s place in tumblr-world. I’m glad that we have a good amount of following and that there are people out there who do get what it’s all about. There’s heaps of other pages worth mentioning like Queer Brown XX, Fuck Yeah Chubby Butches, Hairy Pits Club, Fuck Yeah Chubby Girls, CreatrixTiara, and so many others I can’t think of off the top of my head! They all speak to the different and beautiful ways in which we can all be that isn’t generic, class driven and monocultured. Fuck Yeah difference is beautiful!

- Giang

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